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Can't Say No to the Light

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  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
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I was thinking about the process that is unfolding in the current Miracle Zone group and the amazing results that I witnessed at the recent event in Scottsdale. I live fully within those moments when my students are struggling with their unconscious blocks. I’m right there in the middle of it all. Honestly, it’s not easy. I have moments of wanting nothing more than to soothe the upset, maybe offer a pat on the back as a quick fix, but I always seem to find the energy to stand in the light of their truth as they complete their process.  It’s like walking toward a pit bull in the midst of a tantrum, not knowing if your love will provoke a lick on the face or an exhausting fight to the finish. But something drives me to that next step. How can you see the magnificence and light within someone and NOT help them see it for themselves?  I don’t know the answer to that.  There are those moments when they try hard to convince me that it’s “all good”, that they’re ready for massive abundance, for example. That usually happens right before their biggest block surfaces and all hell breaks loose. But when the energy of the block is released, the light moves into the vacated space and an empowered new being steps into her/his new life from a higher frequency base.  That’s when the fun begins…and miracles just naturally happen.

In Scottsdale, following a powerful release exercise, my presentation was almost finished and it would have been so easy to do a quick Q&A and walk off the stage. But the voice that drives me had something else in mind. Within seconds, I took my only next step and suddenly found myself at the helm of one of the most powerful release/frequency expansion exercises that I have ever witnessed. The power was undeniable. The results beyond phenomenal.  Unconscious blocks released permanently. Lives upgraded massively.

What if I hadn’t taken that next step? What if I hadn’t been so irresistibly drawn to the light all around me that I had just walked off that stage? What if those precious, sacred moments had never happened?

The answer is simple. Not possible. In that moment of truth, that moment of choice, the answer will always be yes.

I can’t say no to the light.

No can do. I can’t go for that.

Deepest love and gratitude to my Miracle Zone participants and to the powerful, courageous women who put it all on the line in Scottsdale and are now soaring to new heights.  I salute you all!

PS…here’s the link to one of my favorite videos, which was serendipitously texted to me as I was finishing this very post.  Imagine that! ;)


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