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Hang on and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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I’m getting lots of questions about how to deal with the negative energy that seems to be surrounding us. Although I try to live my life focusing on the light, I can get off track just as quickly and easily as everyone else.

First, let me remind you that the negative energy that you are feeling is NOT “of the light”. The negative energy is completely fear-based, ego-based, and, as we say in the Prosperity Academy, “cesspool” based. Those of you who have worked with me know that solutions, progress, and abundance come from the light. You also know that “living in the cesspool” only brings you a harvest of more negativity.

Here is a copy of the answer to your question…quickly scribbled yesterday on a torn notebook while I was waiting to go into a meeting.   I read it later and found it to be quite useful…

What is happening in our lives is that too much of the energy around us has stagnated into a negative, fear-based vibration. So our assignment is to not only rise above that energy, but to literally disengage completely from it–so that it is not even a factor in our lives.

As far as we are concerned, those of us living from our positive light-filled space, the negativity is a total non-issue. If there is no energy within you that is matching the negative vibration, you will not be affected by it–you will have absolutely no issues with it. You will need to acknowledge only that it has no place in your energy field, or your life. And you will continue, as you always have, to manifest the joyful life of prosperity and abundance that reflects the magnificent being that you intuitively KNOW that you are.

Please remember that you MUST NOT allow yourself to give the negative vibrations ANY power in your life. You MUST live from the light in every moment and, as you make that choice, solutions and peace will manifest all around you.

I send you, dear reader, many blessings and an enormous beam of light. Hang on and enjoy the ride.


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