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Private Coaching and Clearing Sessions with Clardy

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA is a gifted coach and mentor who leads individuals to identify and release unconscious behavior patterns and blocks that are stopping them from experiencing true joy and success. She offers private coaching and mentoring packages on a very limited basis to highly motivated individuals who are seeking to make significant life changes. 

In addition to her talents as a coach and mentor, Ms. Malugen is a uniquely gifted medical intuitive and a master of transdimensional energy frequencies. She is internationally-recognized for the instantaneous release of physical and emotional blocks, patterns, and trauma. Although she makes no promises regarding specific results, the majority of her clients experience powerful spontaneous energy shifts that can be dramatically life-changing. 

As with most gifted individuals who work with energy to create change, Clardy's energy modality is unique to her. She was a highly intuitive child who naturally began exploring her gifts and abilities from a very early age.  As an empath with a unique sensitivity to personal energy fields, Clardy is able to assist individuals with releasing blocks that may be causing stress, distress, or physical health issues.  Although not a doctor or medical practitioner of any kind, Clardy believes in the original definition of healing: "To make whole". Her work with transdimensional energy transmission, often termed “magical” and “indescribable” by her clients, assists people to let go of energetic blocks that are stopping their own energy flow, thereby clearing the way for powerful self-healing.

You can experience her remarkable gifts during group healing events and private sessions which are offered on a limited basis in Orlando and Los Angeles, and internationally during workshops, seminars, and retreats. She is also available via Skype on a very limited basis for private consultations. (Phone sessions are no longer offered, except in the case of unique circumstances where Skype is not possible.)


Private energy clearing sessions are offered on a very limited basis via Zoom or Skype only. Two types of initial energy sessions are offered.

Initial Energy Consultation and Clearing: ($1000)  50-60 min. This session provides time for an initial consultation, energetic blueprint scan, energy transmission, and reintegration. Please allow at least one hour following your session for rest and additional integration of energies. If you are ready to schedule this Initial Energy Consultation and Clearing Session, please click here for availability.

Energy Clearing Session:
($500) 20-30 min. This session consists of a review of documents submitted, limited consultation, energy scan and transmission, and limited reintegration time with Clardy present. It is very important that you allow at least 30 minutes rest following your session for rest and integration of the energies.
If you are ready to schedule a limited energy clearing session, please click here for availability.

Follow-up sessions are offered to individuals who have experienced significant positive results following the first session, and are available ONLY in packages of three sessions.  You may purchase and book follow-up sessions here.  


Initial Evaluation:
The initial session is dedicated to the identification of limiting behavior patterns and blocks, as well as the development of a vision for future success. The investment for the session, which lasts 500 minutes, is $500. Initial sessions are normally done by Skype or phone, but a limited number of private sessions are available by referral only in Orlando and other cities. Please email for more information.
You may schedule your initial coaching evaluation session here.

Initial Evaluation PLUS Energy Clearing:
This offering includes an Energy Clearing session, as well as a coaching session. The session is dedicated to the identification of limiting behavior patterns and blocks, as well as the development of a vision for future success. Following the coaching portion of the appointment, an initial energy clearing is performed. We highly suggest that an additional reintegration period of at least 30 minutes be scheduled following the clearing.The investment for the session, which lasts 90 minutes, is $1200. Initial sessions are normally done by Zoom or Skype, but a limited number of in-person private sessions are available by referral only in Orlando and other cities. Please email for more information.
You may schedule your Initial Evaluation PLUS Energy Clearing appointment here.

Follow-up Coaching Session:
50 minute follow-up sessions are provided for established coaching clients at a rate of $500 per session.
You may schedule your Coaching Follow-up Session here.

Rapid Fire Block Bust-a-thon:
This hot seat coaching experience is reserved for those who are dedicated to massive, immediate transformation in career, finances, relationships, and/or health. The investment for the session, which lasts 30 minutes, is $350. You may schedule your Rapid Fire Block Bust-a-thon Session here.

What people are saying:

Clardy Malugen is a gifted and intuitive healer. Her work will knock your socks off. You need to experience it for yourself. It could change your life.
 -- Kellie Ffrench, PhD, Winter Park, FL


As a 51-year-old woman who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago, I had sought out every known pain-management treatment, but nothing worked—until I did a session with Clardy Malugen. Clardy was the key to my healing. She performed her energy transmission process, removed blocks, and seemed to recharge my entire system. Since that day, I have felt a new strength and a renewed health and vitality. I am recharged, reinvigorated and feel like I have the body of a 20 year old. Wow!! -- Judy Block, New York, NY


Clardy’s work takes us to a different plane where energy and consciousness come together. Her ability to resonate at a high frequency level is magical. After suffering weeks of nonstop severe headaches and neck pain following an auto accident, I went to Clardy and felt instant relief. It was miraculous!  Beyond that, her work with patterns and beliefs makes us become aware of things that we do to squelch our own magnificence.  All of it is an adventure, with an amazing captain, to greater joy and ultimately a better world. Clardy is a beautiful gift to us all. – Gail Bove, Interior Design, Winter Park, FL


I recently attended one of Clardy’s events.  I could feel my energy shifting while watching her presentation and then after the healing…wow!  I realized how "light and airy" I felt once I got home.  I allowed myself to sleep in the next morning and it was some of the best sleep I've had in weeks.  When I woke up some of my old negative thoughts started to creep in, and I caught myself and decided to focus on the light.  I feel VERY different today. The heaviness is gone. Clardy’s gift is powerful and amazing! – Melissa Wilder, Orlando, FL


I am a trained chemist, current scientific publisher in the field of physics and engineering, and a born skeptic. I had absolutely no concept of Clardy’s so-called “energy transmissions” when I met her several months ago. From a scientific point of view, I can find no basis to explain what is causing the effects that she is clearly able to provoke in the people she is treating.  But from a personal perspective, what I experienced during a session with Clardy was mind-blowing.  I was literally swept off my feet. I then experienced an attack of laughter that lasted over 20 minutes, including intense contractions in my stomach, arms and leg muscles. Afterwards, I felt my emotional state changed profoundly. I felt light, more clear and less stressed, as if I had gotten rid of some emotional blocks that had been a burden on me.

My scientific mind got very curious and subsequently led me to observe Clardy during two weekends in New York when she treated over 30 people.  I witnessed her correctly diagnose people without knowing them and induce strong physiological effects in the people she worked with.  I cannot scientifically explain the cause and effect of her work, but I have repeatedly witnessed its profound effects on others, as I followed up with many of the people she worked on. I am grateful for my own life-changing results and feel that the effects of her work are truly remarkable.  -- Drs. Ing. Dennis Couwenberg, Amsterdam


Clardy Malugen is the whole package. She’s spent years perfecting her skills and now she has taken her life’s passion into a new realm of healing work that is nothing short of miraculous. You truly have to experience her work to believe it. It’s THAT cutting-edge! --Maryanne Bennett, Financial Consultant, Orlando, FL


Clardy Malugen’s work is exceptionally powerful.  I experienced a healing session with her during which a chronic hip condition was miraculously healed.  I have had no hip pain since that day.  If you are given the opportunity to experience one of her amazing private sessions, I highly encourage you to do so. --Joanne Grant, President, Jade Production Group, Orlando, FL


Clardy Malugen is a monumentally talented healer. Her work is so innovative that you have to experience it to fully understand it. Grab any opportunity that you have to work with her—it will be life-changing in ways that you can’t even imagine.  -- Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher, Brilliant Magazine, Austin, TX


Clardy Malugen is an angel.  Her work is unlike anything that I had ever seen or heard about.   My healing session with her was completely life-changing.  I had experienced neck and back pain for over thirty years and had been to numerous doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors.  There was never any long term relief.  During my session with Clardy, I felt a huge relief from the pain immediately and by the next day the pain was completely GONE. I have not experienced the pain since that day, which was months ago.  I truly believe her energy comes from a higher source.  If you ever have an opportunity to experience her work, you need to grab it with both hands.  She is fantastic. -- John Leftly, Longwood, FL


Clardy is truly brilliant and her work is priceless.  If you have the opportunity to do a private session with her, you will amazed by the results.  No matter what it costs, no matter how far you have to travel, just do it!  Your life will be transformed; mine was!”  -- Jim Shimkus, Melbourne, FL


Clardy Malugen has a gift that is utterly mind-boggling!  I had experienced chronic, severe back pain for years when I did a session with Clardy.  That day I literally could hardly move and felt a terrible stabbing pain in my lower back. During the session, the pain subsided dramatically and I was able to walk easily again. By the next day, the pain was GONE and has not returned. This is completely life-changing for me.  After constantly living with this problem, I now don’t even think of it anymore!  Clardy is amazing.  It’s hard to describe, but it seems like she is removing the bad energy that is causing the pain.  Whatever she is doing, the pain is just GONE.  Not just better, but completely gone!  If you have the opportunity do a session with her, you will be blown away by the results. -- Alex Stelzner, Audio Specialist, Walt Disney Entertainment, Orlando, FL


I have no doubt whatsoever that God has blessed Clardy with the gift of healing--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. -- Lynn Kline, Orlando


I had been suffering with IBS for many years. I heard about Clardy’s amazing ability to “detect and diminish” both physical and emotional pain and decided to call her.  It is still hard for me to believe that I am totally symptom free after 6 months. Each day I awake I feel I have been given a wonderful gift. I am so thankful that I had the good fortune to be introduced to Clardy. I can’t recommend her enough. -- Beth G. Smith, First Vice President, Smith, Howe, & Associates, Winter Park, FL


My healing call with Clardy was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I have studied Energy Healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Abraham-Hicks, etc. for over 25 years but this was truly beyond anything I had ever experienced.  As soon as she started talking to me, I could feel waves and waves of energy coursing through my entire body. I felt relaxed and exhilarated all at the same time. Though it's difficult to put into words, it was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had. Even before she stated that there might be an energy block in my lower abdomen, I could feel her energy working there. It felt like things started to shift and move around in that area of my body. Truly amazing. I could go on and on but the only way for anyone to truly understand is to experience it for themselves. Thank you, Clardy!! -- Dennine Neal, Orlando, FL


Clardy Malugen is very gifted and very unique. She is highly connected to a higher power and is a conduit for that energy. In addition to healing physical issues, which is utterly amazing, her work also seems to move away the emotional blocks that are in the way of individual greatness. My experience with her has brought me HUGE breakthroughs. --Heather Ann Havenwood, President, Double Diamond Media, Austin, Texas

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