"Welcome to Miracles" Package

To help you get started quickly, Clardy is offering a great deal on the her two foundational transformation tools.

"Let's Manifest Miracles!" is a powerful guidebook to creating miracles. It's now utilized in all of Clardy's seminars and workshops, as well as her private coaching. It's a simple, no-nonsense introduction to a new way of looking at your life--and those things that have been holding you back.

You'll also receive her powerful meditation CD, "Plugging Into the Light". This unique audio program provides a 20 minute vacation into "the light"--the source of all miracles. You'll connect with your true essence and enjoy a sense of joy and peace that you can bring back to "reality" with you. Also included is an energy-packed five minute version of the meditation, for those moments when you need a little recharge. Download it and carry it with you, for a five minute break that will quickly take you home--to the light.

And to constantly remind you of the power of your essence, you'll receive a fun "YES" bumper sticker to place along your daily path. You'll be reminded to say YES to the light--and to your own innate miracle-making essence.  

Get started now on the life of your dreams!  Powerful insights. Great deal. 

P.S. Email us at autographmybook@clardym.com and let us know how you'd like your book autographed.