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Shifting into YES!

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  • 550 m2
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  • 2 baths

I’ve spent many hours in the past few weeks putting the finishing touches on my soon-to-be released CD program, “Shifting into Yes”. I know, from your emails and calls, that many of you are getting a wonderful opportunity these days to practice “keeping your energy positive”.

Never forget that the key to dealing with whatever challenges that you may be experiencing is ultimately very, very simple. You MUST make every decision from the space of your highest, most positive energy. There is absolutely NO question that the media has given us a steady diet of fear and negativity for a very long time. If you are to continue to manifest magnificence in your precious life, you MUST avoid the tendency to get sucked in by the negativity that is permeating our everyday lives.

The key to staying in a positive place starts with simple awareness. Stay on top of your energy state. If you notice yourself feeling fearful or worried, STOP in your tracks and take a deep breath. Acknowledge that operating from a negative space can only bring your more negativity. CHOOSE in that moment to “Shift into YES”. Focus your energy in that moment on a positive, nurturing image and take another deep breath. Remember that any negative feelings that you might be having are NOT based in your magnificence, your authentic self. By keeping a positive vision, you WILL be able to work through whatever challenge has been created and you WILL come through in a better, more nurturing place.

Remember that the only true path is the path to light, love and joy.

Please take advantage of the opportunities that you will see on our Facebook page at Clardy Malugen-Prosperity Academy. Create your miracle vision and post it there.  I’ll be happy to give you comments and help you manifest your miracles!

If you have been led to this blog, and are currently reading these words, KNOW that you are absolutely a magnificent being and that you are on the path to creating a beautiful life of joy and prosperity. Stay in the light, stay in your power, and watch for the miracles!

Sending much light and many blessings,


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