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"Clardy’s gift is exceptionally rare. No healer that I know personally or have ever observed is able to access this pure, white light energy like Clardy.
She is unique and her work is remarkable."

Dr. Igor Nazarov
PhD Chemical Physics, MD Experimental Nuclear Physics
Moscow Institue of Technology

"Clardy Malugen is an inspired healer and coach. This 22 Day program was exactly the boost that I needed to start actually living my Life Purpose. "

Carol Ransom
New York

"Every time I participate in one of Clardy's courses, I emerge as a new being. Old habits, blocks, and patterns miraculously pop up to be healed and released. All it takes commitment to yourself. "

Patty Pauletto
Oceanside, CA

"Clardy's work is amazing. So much light and love. And it really moves things fast. I have never experienced anything that works this fast."

Arianna Paul

"Clardy Malugen is a modern day WIZARD! I can see and feel the difference in every cell and every moment! Life is filled with infinite possibilities that I always knew were there, but dared not let myself feel or experience. It's like a veil has lifted! "

Jackie Lapin
Creator, SpeakerTunity and Conscious Media Creations, Los Angeles, CA
About Clardy

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, creator of the Frequency Formula and author of "Let's Manifest Miracles!", is a paradigm-shifter, miracle strategist, internationally-acclaimed master healer, and master teacher in the realm of behavior adaptation and consciousness expansion.

Truly a master at "block-busting", Clardy believes that the path to true freedom lies in the release of unconscious patterns and energy blocks. During her life-changing online classes and live events, Clardy works with transdimensional energy frequencies to facilitate the spontaneous release of physical and emotional blocks, while simultaneously delivering laser-like insights and cutting-edge transformational tools. Her work leads clients to release energetic blocks at the level of the DNA and merge with their "innate magnificence", an energy state where they can easily manifest joyful, balanced, miraculous lives.  

Source Field Activation, her remarkable energy healing modality, has astonished international physicists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe. Most participants report feeling "lighter" and more connected to their true purpose. Clardy's unique work has also been credited with the release of deep-seated emotional traumas, as well as physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, IBS, candida, herniated disks, neck and knee injuries, pneumonia, bronchitis, smoking addiction, and many others. 
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