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Plugging Into the Light

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

For those of you who are new to the ClardyM principles, we clearly differentiate between living in “the light” and NOT living in the light.  The light is the domain of your authentic self and all of its magnificence.  The light is also the place of all miracles. Living in the light is a choice that you make in every moment…a choice to stay with your true energy rather than allowing yourself to follow old patterns or be influenced negatively by something that is going on around you.

This morning I was rushing trying to get my kids to school, after a hectic night of preparing for tests and an “unexpected” due paper. (How does that happen that they spring those last minute papers on teenage boys?   Anyway, I was rushing to put in my contacts and I accidentally put two contacts in one eye. I couldn’t believe that I had done that and I heard the voice in my head saying sarcastically…”Now this is just the perfect beginning to a perfect day.  It’s going to be all downhill from here.”  Luckily I spend my days helping other people escape that kind of negative programming, so I immediately acknowledged that voice and made another choice.  I laughed and said…”No, I’m putting two contacts in one eye to double the clarity of my vision today.  I choose to align with infinite wisdom and clarity.”  My first choice to head into the cesspool of negativity was quickly and efficiently obliterated and I detoured back into the light.

Remember to acknowledge the light all day long…and notice if you’re not in the light.  If you’re feeling tense, stressed, chaotic, angry, etc., you are NOT in the light. Ask yourself what has happened to allow you to give away your power.  Make a choice in that moment to let go of what is holding you back–and firmly place yourself back in the light.

Music and programs like our guided mediation CD, appropriately called “Plugging Into the Light”, can help you re-focus your energy.  The key to all of this is LEARNING to identify the energy patterns that signal to you that you are giving up your power.  Once you have mastered this process, your life will become a constant miracle.

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