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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching & Clearing

Praise For Clardy's Work


Clardy Malugen is a master-teacher in the world of miracles and the extraordinary ability she has to remove the blockages makes it a transformative experience unlike anything else.  
--Judy Block, Artist, TV Executive, NY, NY

Clardy Malugen is the whole package. She’s spent years perfecting her skills and now she has taken her life’s passion into a new realm of healing work that is nothing short of miraculous. You truly have to experience her work to believe it.  It’s THAT cutting-edge!
--Maryanne Bennett, Financial Consultant, Orlando, FL

Clardy is truly brilliant and her work is priceless.  If you have the opportunity to do a private session with her, you will amazed by the results.  No matter what it costs, no matter how far you have to travel, just do it!  Your life will be transformed; mine was!”
 -- Jim Shimkus, Melbourne, Florida

In a recent session with Clardy Malugen (my first) I felt an energy transfer that radically shifted something in me.  I can’t really describe it, but I feel like I’ve been “rebooted”.  I feel younger, lighter, more optimistic.  I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of a private session with Clardy – her work is very powerful.   
-- Mary Yeager, Financial Services, New York, NY

Clardy Malugen is a monumentally talented healer. Her work is so innovative that you have to experience it to fully understand it. Grab any opportunity that you have to work with her—it will be life-changing in ways that you can’t even imagine. 
-- Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher, Brilliant Magazine, Austin, Texas 

Clardy Malugen is very gifted and very unique.  She is highly connected to a higher power and is a conduit for that energy.  In addition to healing physical issues, which is utterly amazing, her work also seems to move away the emotional blocks that are in the way of individual greatness. My experience with her has brought me HUGE breakthroughs.
--Heather Ann Havenwood, President, Double Diamond Media, Austin, Texas