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I'm Clardy Malugen and I'm very excited to invite you to become a part of the Global Beam Team.

If you're ready to release everything that's been stopping you,
step up into your divine purpose, and create a truly miraculous life,
you've just found your new home.  

We'd love for you to join us!

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"Such a beautiful energy in this group!

I felt a great source of energy from listening to one of the replays today! Thank you Clardy, for the great work you do to make the Planet a better place for us. And for the love and awesome blessings we receive from your amazing program! πŸ’•πŸ™ " -- Meena Persaud


When You Join,
You'll Get Immediate Access
to these Powerful Resources:

  • Mission Control Private Website. Your online home as a member of the Global Beam Team provides easy access to event invitations, frequency update reminders, and tools to help you stay in the light and share your light with the world around you.

  • Secret Invitation-Only Facebook Group where you’ll connect with our worldwide community for inspiration, discussion and sharing. It's a great place to share your latest life experiences and report on the miracles that are popping up in your life!
  • Free Access to Monthly LOVEATHON Activation.  ($197 value) Join Clardy and your fellow Beamers for a fun, inspirational trip to “Shangri-la in the Light”, a virtual resort for Frequency Expansion fans. The phone lines and chat are always open for questions, comments, and general miracle-making, as you’re zapped into new realms of joy and delight!
  • Miracle Monday Support helps you start your week off right – with a joyful focus on the miracles you want to create in the coming week. Post your miracle and you'll be backed up with love, support, and the high-frequency energy you need to make your miracle a reality.
  • Frequency Resets … Join your fellow Beamers and Miracle Masters remotely twice every day in a field of light and love, as you reset your frequency to keep your energy focused and every area of your life on track to manifesting miracles.
  • Discounts for Miracle Zone Activation Calls. During these monthly healing calls, Clardy transmits multidimensional energy via Source Field Activation to a small high-frequency group from across the planet. These extraordinary interactions facilitate release and healing of energetic, emotional, and even physical blocks and conditions. Normally $97, as a member of the Global Beam Team, you're guaranteed a spot AND you’ll be able to reserve your spot at a significant discount.
  • We also host several powerful trainings and live events throughout the year, including the 28-Day Release-a-thon, Accessing the Miracle Zone, the Unlimited Energy Intensive, and more. As a Global Beam Team member, you’ll get first dibs on seats, bonus offers and discounts--and get a chance to meet some of your fellow Beamers in-person!

Are You Ready?

It’s time for you to commit to living from the magnificence of your essence. It's time to let go of fear and chaos.
It's time to delete that old story that's been stopping you
and step up into the life you were born to live.

The Global Beam Team gives you the focus, unparalled support,
and cutting-edge resources you need to boldly claim your place in the miraculous future that we are creating together.

Let's Do This -- TOGETHER!

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Miracle Monday Support 

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Discounts for Miracle Zone Activation Calls and other Events
...and lots of fun
and lots of love. :)




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The Global Beam Team is the HOME
that you've been searching for.

Join us in an ever-expanding field of
as the sun rises on a miraculous new paradigm of love, peace, and prosperity across the planet.

Get instant access to the Global Beam Team website & community today!


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