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Hi, I'm Clardy Malugen. During my 30+ years as an author, spiritual teacher, and master healer, it's become increasingly clear to me that living your life from a state of what I call "Miracle Consciousness" is the cornerstone of manifesting the life of your dreams. I'm certain that the key to everything you desire is already within you--just waiting to be set free. When you choose to live from a space of miracles, it's easy to release the blocks that are holding you back and embrace a life of joy, peace, balance, and total abundance.

But to get started accessing that space of high-frequency energy... you need to know what to do and how to do it.

That's where my Miracle Maker's Toolkit comes in. It's simple, it's powerful, and we're offering a wonderful deal on it right now.

The Miracle Maker's Toolkit is packed with powerful tools and techniques that reflect the latest research in quantum physics and neuroplasticity. It can help you get back on track to the life you were born to live--and raise your frequency so that it aligns with the magnificence that is the true you. All for a very special offer of $27.

In Your kit You'll Receive 7 Powerful Tools PLUS a $50 Event Discount!

Let's Manifest Miracles!
E-Book Download

You'll discover the latest secrets of how to manage your energy in this downloadable e-book. Learn to raise your foundational frequency and the step-by-step process to creating miracles. ($15.95 value.)

Plugging Into the Light Meditation - 20 Min.

You'll get instant access to this powerful energy-infused meditation MP3 to help you access and live from the magical energy state where miracles are most easily created.  (A $24.95 value.)  

Plugging Into the Light
5 Min. Immersion

When you need a boost , the 5 Minute version of "Plugging Into the Light" provides a quick "reboot" to get you back on track to consciously creating a miraculous day. (A $19.95 value.)

Let's Manifest Miracles! - Audiobook Download

Take my popular book on the go with you. Learn the secrets for creating your miraculous future immediately – and listen to it whenever you need a little recharging. (A $24.95 Value.)

My Miracle Worksheet PDF Download

Whether you're creating your "Miracle Vision" or a "Miracle Mantra", this simple, but powerful form is where you'll want to start to help you get clear and get moving toward your miracle. (A $19 value.)

Seven Secrets Worksheet PDF Download

Keep this cheatsheet handy as a reminder of the 7 secrets you’ll learn about in Let’s Manifest Miracles! This simple, yet powerful tool keeps you on track as you move into your new life. (A $19 Value)

Miracle Zone Activation Discount

Use this $50 discount for your first activation/healing call, and experience a unique high-frequency activation, designed to facilitate healing and massive change very quickly. 

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Sold separately, these tools alone are valued at over $150, plus you'll receive the additional $50 value event bonus.
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And, Your Investment is 100% Protected by My Personal Guarantee

Take the next 30 days to dig-in and use the entire toolkit. Read the book, create your own miracle life vision, experience expansive energy shifts with "Plugging into the Light", enjoy moving to the beat of "Manifestation Machine" as you are transported into a space of freedom and abundance, work with the Seven Secrets, join us for a Miracle Zone Activation, and simply see how you feel.

If you don’t agree that these powerful tools give you clarity about what needs to change, help raise your vibration, and help you begin manifesting positive changes in your life … contact our customer service team for a prompt and courteous refund of your entire investment.


Start Creating Your Miracle Life -- Today

Take a detour right now from the negative energy that's been running your life. One simple choice can quickly change everything.

The Miracle Maker's Toolkit will help you start turning chaos into clarity -- and your dreams into amazing realities.

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I look forward to working with you. It will be lots of fun to be your guide to "The Miracle Zone!"

Love and light,

Clardy Malugen
Creator, The Miracle Maker's Toolkit

Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, creator of Accessing the Miracle Zone & the 28 Day Release-a-thon! is a uniquely-gifted spiritual teacher and a master of transdimensional energy frequencies. Her innovative transformational process, beginning with her life-changing book, Let's Manifest Miracles!, leads clients to easily release emotional and physical blocks, as they learn to access and embrace the magnificence within. The results are often miraculous: new careers, loving relationships, renewed health, financial success, and most importantly, true joy--experienced from the inside out. Also considered to be one of today's most gifted master healers, Clardy's unique energy work has astonished scientists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming thousands of lives across the globe. More info:  www.ClardyM.com .


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