Step Up Fully as the 

Powerful, Authentic NEW YOU...


 Deeply Aligned with Your Soul's True Purpose
 Clearly Focused on What's Really Important
 Energized and Joyful from Within 
 Ready to Create Miracles in Every Area of Your Life



Are you finally ready to break free of everything that's been draining your energy and holding you back?

Ready to learn a simple way to shift your Life Story instantly?

➔ From Fear to Joy

 From Lack To Abundance

From Doubt to Confidence

➔ From Chaos to Clarity

What if you could realize, once and for all, that you are in control--and you always have been?

If your answer is YES, I'd love to tell you more...

Hi, I'm Clardy Malugen.
If you're ready to move beyond the struggles that we've all been facing recently, you're not alone. Like everyone else, you're probably exhausted from all of the chaos and instability.
I get it. And I've totally got your back on this.
My life's work is all about helping you shift out of that chaos and back into the magnificence that's at the core of who you really are. I can't wait to tell you all about it.

If you're ready to let go of the past and move into a life of joy and peace, you're in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

I'm excited to invite you to an exclusive LIVE workshop that will clear the fog and get you focused on creating the life you were born to live--so you can start living it now.
You'll learn the simple truth about how you create your own future in every moment--and you'll leave with clear, simple tools for manifesting the life of your dreams FAST.

I rarely share this powerful, sacred information in a small group like this, so if it's resonating with you, you'll need to grab a seat before they're gone.

But please understand...

You'll want to fasten your seatbelt for this one.

Secrets of High-Frequency Manifestation


Release Your Past and
Become a Master Manifester


January 27, 2024











What people are saying:

"There is nothing that compares with Clardy's work. Nothing.
It's mind-blowing. And the results are real." --Erin, FL

"Clardy's work is amazing. So much light and love. And it really moves things fast. I've never experienced anything that works this fast." --Arianna, CO 

"Clardy has the gift of guiding people through enduring transformational change: she is a frequency wizard!"  --Sarah, NY



When I say "high-frequency",
I really do mean it...

You'll join me and an exclusive group of miracle makers from across the globe, in a magical zone of high-frequency light energy. During this super-charged information download, you'll learn and apply 3 simple steps of high-frequency manifestation, release blocks that have been keeping you stuck--and feel your energy shift to a powerful new level...instantaneously. In every area of your life.


"Clardy Malugen is a modern day WIZARD! I can see and feel the difference in every moment! Life is filled with infinite possibilities that I always knew were there, but dared not let myself feel or experience. It's like a veil has lifted! "

Jackie Lapin
Founder, Conscious Media Creations, Speakertunity

Get Crystal Clear on What Your Soul Really Wants

You really do know what you want. Your deepest desires may be blocked and protected underneath old, outdated beliefs and patterns, but those blocks don't have a chance in the presence of the Source Field Energy that we'll be working with. Our process starts with a super-charged activation that places you right in the middle of the things you resonate with most--and the life you were born to live. 

Create A Powerful, Energized Miracle Vision

When your life is primed for big transformation, you've got to see it to believe it and you've got to believe it to be it. We'll be working with the Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization to clear the fog and get you focused. This simple process asks you to make a choice and create a vision that resonates deeply with your truth. It's deceptively simple and if your patterns pop up unexpectedly, we dispose of them quickly. No space for old caca in your miraculous new's time to soar!  

Merge with the Frequency of Your Miracle Mantra

As you become resonant with the miracle vision for your new life, a high-frequency Miracle Mantra will miraculously present itself. We'll capture it, document it, and supercharge it! We'll close the event with a super-charged send-off--and activate your new life! 



Here's What You'll Get When You Sign-up:

LIVE Workshop Intensive

This powerful event will open your mind and help you unleash your new life. You'll have the rare opportunity to work directly with Clardy in a small group--and participate as much or as little as your like.

Value: $1000

Merging with Your Divine Purpose

The event begins with a powerful meditation utilizing the high frequencies of Source Field Activation. You'll be quickly led beyond your blocks into a vision of the life you were born to live.

Value: $97

Unleashing the New You

We'll wrap up the Masterclass with a supercharged meditation using Source Field Activation. We'll identify and powerfully activate the frequencies of the New You, as you step into your magnificent New Life for the new year.

Value: $97

LIVE PREMIERE After-Party 🎉🎉🎉

Following the workshop, we'll take a quick break to get decked out for our "NEW YOU" premiere party! You'll walk the red carpet and make a fun splash on the podium where you'll embody and premiere the New You and proclaim your wonderful New Life to a roomful of adoring fans. 

Value: $200

"Clardy has had a profound impact on my life. I am watching my life unfold in a way I only dreamed about before. I feel light, positive, hopeful, inspired, and my sense of curiosity and intrigue has returned. Her energy work is also remarkable and gets MASSIVE results."

Sheryl Meyer
Founder, Naturalis, LLC & Wellness in the Park

This exclusive "Live Experience VIP" package
is valued at over $1500,
but you're invited to enroll today for only:

$497  $197

Your enrollment includes the LIVE workshop, TWO high-frequency Activations, the complete workshop replay, online red carpet access to the Premiere Party, plus targeted individual laser coaching throughout the event to keep you in the light and on track to the life of your dreams.

*Enrollment is strictly limited. Attendees will have the opportunity to get plenty of personal attention. Be sure to sign-up ASAP. 










When you enroll, you'll also receive these free bonuses:

(Value: $250+)


Special PREMIERE PARTY Highlights Reel 🎉🎉🎉

After you've had a few days to process this amazing workshop, you'll receive your personal copy of the PREMIERE PARTY highlights reel, where you can watch yourself (and your high-frequency friends) on the red carpet--and as you take stage to proclaim your new life! This video will be a keeper--and a great reminder tool for you throughout 2023! 

Value: $200

NEW YOU Worksheet

You'll have immediate access to a downloadable copy of our powerful, supercharged New You Worksheet. Print it out and get started today envisioning the future you. And be sure to print  extra copies. The New You will evolve during the workshop in ways you can't even imagine right now. :)

Value: $19

Save $100 on Frequency Upgrade

Receive a promo code for $100 off our popular Frequency Upgrade Formula. Flip your frequency instantly and get the boost you need to easily release deep-seated unconscious blocks. 

Value: $100

Let's Manifest Miracles E-Book

You'll have immediate access to a downloadable copy of Let's Manifest Miracles! Print it out and take notes--and keep it handy during the workshop for additional inspiration.

Value: $16

Seven Secrets Cheatsheet & My Miracle Playsheet

You'll get two of our very favorite Focus Tools to help you stay on track and move quickly through the process. Download as many copies as you like for the workshop, so you can make changes as you feel shifts.

Value: $39

With the added bonuses and personal laser coaching, the package value is well over $2000.

Reserve your spot now for only $497! 



"If you are serious and want to change your life in a BIG way (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally), if you are ready to wake up and see your old unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy, AND get first class help to move beyond what is blocking you from your magnificence, connect with Clardy. She is the most loving, most generous and supportive, most gifted coach/teacher/healer that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful to her because now I know how magnificent I really am. Be prepared though...MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN."

Patty Pauletto
Artist, Oceanside, CA

Let's make this the most miraculous year of your life!










Frequently Asked Questions

We plan that the workshop will last approximately 3 hours, but ask that you allow an extra 30-45 minutes, in case you'd like to extend your time at the Premiere Party. 

We suggest ordering the formula as soon as you can, although you can also choose to wait. Having the drops for use during the workshop can possibly uplevel your results. 
Your order will be shipped within 24 hours, on most business days. We utilize USPS Priority boxes for shipping and most shipments arrive within 1-3 days, depending on your location.

No worries on that. A lot of people feel that way and you'll see quickly that you actually DO know and that once you realize it, you'll feel a lot lighter. 
We also invite you to take advantage of our Miracle Zone Assessment, which will help you get clear on where you're headed in the new year.  You'll be given access to the assessment immediately after you enroll.

This is a fun exercise and you can wear whatever you'd like. We're just giving you the opportunity to dress as the "New You"--whatever that means to you. If you're stepping back from an executive position and intend to work at home in your jammies, that's great! Strut those jammies! If the New You is planning to win an Oscar or an Emmy, you already know what to do! You've probably envisioned it a thousand times. If the New You wants to travel the world to watch soccer/football games, wear your favorite jersey. Planning to be a beekeeper in 2023? An author at a book-signing? You know what to do. We see everything from full-on formal wear to comfy lounge wear and swimsuits. It's all about the NEW YOU and how you can most be that during your Premiere. 

About Clardy

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, creator of the Frequency Formula and author of "Let's Manifest Miracles!", is a paradigm-shifter, miracle strategist, internationally-acclaimed master healer, and master teacher in the realm of behavior adaptation and consciousness expansion.

Truly a master at "block-busting", Clardy believes that the path to true freedom lies in the release of unconscious patterns and energy blocks. During her life-changing online classes and live events, Clardy works with transdimensional energy frequencies to facilitate the spontaneous release of physical and emotional blocks, while simultaneously delivering laser-like insights and cutting-edge transformational tools. Her work leads clients to release energetic blocks at the level of the DNA and merge with their "innate magnificence", an energy state where they can easily manifest joyful, balanced, miraculous lives.  

Source Field Activation, her remarkable energy healing modality, has astonished international physicists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe. While most participants report feeling "lighter" and more connected to their true purpose, Clardy's unique work has also been credited with the release of deep-seated emotional traumas, as well as physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, IBS, candida, herniated disks, neck and knee injuries, pneumonia, bronchitis, smoking addiction, and many others. 
Additional info is available at .


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