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I'm Clardy Malugen and I'm very excited
to invite you to become a VIP Member of
our high-frequency Beam Team community.

If you're ready to release
everything that's been stopping you,
step up into your divine purpose in a new way,
and create a truly miraculous life,
you've just found your new high-vibe home.  

We'd love for you to join us!

The innovative foundation of the Beam Team combines ancient wisdom with the latest research in neuroplasticity, quantum physics, epigenetics, and bio-hacking to help you experience life-changing frequency upgrades--often instantly.

"Such a beautiful energy in this group! 
I felt a great source of energy from listening to one of the replays today! Thank you Clardy, for the great work you do to make the Planet a better place for us. And for the love and awesome blessings we receive from your amazing program!" -- MP  

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, creator of the Frequency Formula and Source Field Activation, is a Consciousness Expert, Transdimensional Tour Guide and Frequency Wizard. Her powerful work with multi-dimensional energetic frequencies has been studied and verified by international physicists and medical professionals. 

"It's amazing how my life has already changed after only a few weeks in the Beam Team. It feels like the start of a shower of miracles! I’m so energized and active in all kinds of ways. I sleep better, get up earlier, do my exercises, and my hubby and I are so cozy and loving together!" -- MB 

The Beam Team provides you with the continuity and accountability you need to create lasting change...available 24/7 in a delightful, nurturing field of high-frequency light.

When You Join,
You'll Get Immediate Access
to these Powerful Resources:

  • Mission Control Private Website. Your online home as a member of the Beam Team provides easy access to event invitations, frequency update reminders, and tools to help you stay in the light and share your light with the world around you.

  • Private¬†Invitation-Only Facebook Group¬†where you‚Äôll connect with our worldwide community for inspiration, discussion and sharing. It's a great place to¬†celebrate your latest¬†successes and report on the miracles that are popping up in your life!
  • Weekly Remote Transmissions of Source Field Energy.¬†¬†($400 value)¬† All Beamers¬†enjoy on-going access to Source Field Energies via weekly¬†remote transmissions. These powerful transmissions are designed to support the frequency expansion of each individual and the group as a whole.¬†
  • Frequency Oasis.¬†¬†This uniquely powerful¬†field of light¬†was created for the¬†Global Beam Team community¬†and¬†is the foundation for everything we create together. It's open to you any time, day or night, 24/7.¬†Simply relax, close your eyes, and tap into the Oasis¬†whenever¬†you need to¬†chill out or¬†flip your frequency.

  • Live Coaching Calls. Each month,¬†Beamers gather LIVE on Zoom to share successes and miracle updates--in a space of high-frequency light.¬†Clardy¬†will¬†coach you step-by-step through your expansion process, using the same processes that are used with¬†her high-level private clients.¬†You'll also enjoy pop-up office hours and¬†other surprises throughout the month.¬†Replays¬†are always available 24/7.¬†
  • Miracle Monday Support helps you start your week off right ‚Äď with a joyful focus on the miracles you want to create in the coming week. Post a¬†miracle and¬†you'll be backed up with love, coaching, support,¬†and the high-frequency energy you need to make your miracle a reality.
  • Be the Frequency You Wish To See In the World. Join Beamers from across the planet online for this powerful frequency practice.¬†This on-going weekly process¬†will help you stay in the light,¬†and become the highest expression of the New You.
  • Frequency Resets … Join your fellow Beamers and Miracle Masters remotely twice every day in a field of light and love, as you reset your frequency to keep your energy focused and every area of your life on track to manifesting miracles.
  • Access to the Entire Line of Frequency Expansion Formulas … Experience the magic of Clardy's amazing Frequency Expansion Formulas and work directly with her to discover the quantum formula that is perfect for you. You'll have first access to new products, access to on-going energy scans to evaluate your progress, and enjoy a significant discount off the regular price of these powerful expansion tools.
  • Discounts for¬†Miracle Zone Activation Calls.¬†During these¬†powerful healing calls, Clardy transmits multidimensional energy via Source Field Activation. These extraordinary interactions facilitate release and healing of energetic, emotional, and even physical blocks and conditions.¬† Normally $97,¬†as a member of the Beam Team, you're guaranteed a spot AND you‚Äôll be able to reserve¬†your spot at a significant discount.
  • Discounted Access to¬† HANGING OUT IN THE LIGHT¬†Events.¬†¬†($197 value)¬†Everyone's¬†invited to¬†attend¬†these fun¬†high-frequency online¬†events.¬†You'll join Clardy, the Miracle Masters, and your fellow¬†Beamers for¬†miracle updates, coaching, group discussions, and lots of¬† surprises.¬†You'll leave feeling light and free, and inspired to step up powerfully as the authentic New You. The frequencies will be flying, so be sure to stay hydrated.¬†
  • Discounted Access to¬† LOVEATHON Activations.¬†¬†($197 value)¬†Join Clardy and your fellow¬†Beamers for a fun, inspirational trip to ‚ÄúShangri-la in the Light‚ÄĚ, a virtual resort for Frequency Expansion fans. The¬†chat and audio are¬†always open for questions, comments, and general miracle-making, as you‚Äôre zapped into new realms of joy and delight!
  • First Dibs on Seats for powerful trainings and live events held throughout the year, including the 28-Day Release-a-thon, Accessing the Miracle Zone, the Unlimited Energy Intensive, and more. As a Beam Team member, you’ll receive bonus offers and discounts--and get a chance to meet some of your fellow Beamers in-person!

"I'm celebrating yet another miraculous filled week! So many abundant opportunities showed up for me. From receiving free bouquets of flowers to being invited to be on a podcast and lead a retreat, and a new friend offering her gorgeous home in one of my favorite parts of town for a staycation while she's out of town! I received 2 payments earlier than planned and also received multiple unexpected payments. Wow! I'm so grateful and appreciative for my life. -- N.C.

Verified Beam Team results:

mind-blowing miracles, telepathy among participants, and
the on-going evolution of the authentic, joyful, focused New You.

You can join the Beam Team today,
with all of the perks of a VIP Member,
at the discounted rate of


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and you're guaranteed this rate
for as long as you're a member. 

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The Beam Team is the HOME
that you've been searching for.

Join us in an ever-expanding field of
as the sun rises on a miraculous new paradigm of love, peace, and prosperity across the planet.

Are you IN ... or not? :)

One of the most powerful lessons that I share with my students is this:

You are either in the Light... or you're not.
There is no in-between.

The same goes for your desire to live in your magnificence as the Authentic New You--and take your part in the amazing new world that we're building together.

You either truly desire to be all you can be and enjoy the miraculous life that comes as a result ... or you're just not there yet. 

If you're ready to stop the cycle of upset and chaos that has consumed too much of your life and do life differently...

If you're ready to focus on your gifts, step into your power and let your magnificent essence shine ...

If you're ready to release your blocks, reboot your energy and supercharge your life...

I hope you'll join us for the Beam Team. You'll be so glad you did. 

Yes, I'm IN. :)

See you soon!
Much love and light,


P.S. I can't wait to show you how quickly things can shift. :)

About Clardy
Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA, creator of the Frequency Formula and author of "Let's Manifest Miracles!", is a paradigm-shifter, miracle strategist, internationally-acclaimed master healer, and master teacher in the realm of behavior adaptation and consciousness expansion.
Truly a master at "block-busting", Clardy believes that the path to true freedom lies in the release of unconscious patterns and energy blocks. During her life-changing online classes and live events, Clardy works with transdimensional energy frequencies to facilitate the spontaneous release of physical and emotional blocks, while simultaneously delivering laser-like insights and cutting-edge transformational tools. Her work can lead clients to release energetic blocks at the level of the DNA and merge with their "innate magnificence", an energy state where they can easily manifest joyful, balanced, miraculous lives.  
Source Field Activation, her remarkable energy healing modality, has astonished international physicists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe. Most participants report feeling "lighter" and more connected to their true purpose. Although Clardy is not a medical practitioner of any kind, her unique work with energetic frequencies has been credited with the release of deep-seated emotional traumas, as well as physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, IBS, candida, herniated disks, neck and knee injuries, pneumonia, bronchitis, smoking addiction, and many others. 
Additional info is available at .

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