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There is an extraordinary,
brilliant new future
waiting for you...
where you'll experience
everything you desire and more.

You are being called to enter
a space of pure light and power,
a space of unlimited possibilities...
where your gifts and your entire life
 will flourish in ways far beyond
 your current imagination.

Welcome to the Miracle Zone

Meet your guide...Clardy Malugen.

Check out this message from Clardy.


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  • I have sought out medical intuitives and energy healers my entire life, but never did I think I would encounter the real-deal. Clardy Malugen is exactly that. Her work is incredible to witness and a blessing to experience. Clardy is also an incredibly gifted motivator. Her work has recharged my life and transformed the way I experience everything. 

    -- Judy Block • Artist and Executive Producer, New York, NY

  • From a scientific point of view, I can find no basis to explain what is causing the effects that Clardy Malugen is clearly able to provoke in the people she is treating. But from a personal perspective, what I experienced during a session with her was mind-blowing.

    -- Drs. Ing. Dennis Couwenberg • Scientific Publisher, Amsterdam

  • Clardy's work is transformative. She has x-ray vision into patterns that block your fullest potential. As you release patterns that no longer serve you, you are able to clearly tap into your power and create miracles.

    -- Lisa R. Delman, M.A. •

  • Clardy is a gifted communicator, life coach and motivator. She is an excellent source of spiritual and practical insight; and has helped me gain more clarity and focus to navigate many business challenges.

    -- Bill Webster • Digital Business Strategist -

  • My career and life changed in major ways since working with Clardy. Wonderful things keep           happening! I feel like I have power and confidence over my life now. When challenges happen, I handle them with grace and a level head. I wish everyone could   work with Clardy—the world would be a much better place! 

    -- Danielle Sagona • Actress

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10 Million Miracles

10 Million Miracles

When I first decided to create the Ten Million Miracles Campaign, the number seemed huge, even to me.  I am often asked why I am thinking so big and how I plan to accomplish what appears to be such a formidable task.  My answer is always, “One person at a time”. 

Miracles happen with this work..


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Can't Say No to the Light

Can't Say No to the Light

I was thinking about the process that is unfolding in the current Miracle Zone group and the amazing results that I witnessed at the recent event in Scottsdale. I live fully within those moments when my students are struggling with their unconscious blocks. I’m right there in the middle of it all. Honestly, it’s not easy. I have moments of wanting nothing more than to soothe the upset, maybe offer a pat on the back as a quick fix, but I always seem to find the energy to stand in the light of their truth as they complete their process.  It’s like walking toward a pit bull in the midst of a tantrum, not knowing if your love will provoke a lick on the face or an exhausting fight to the finish.         Read more

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