Thursday, August 26, 2021

8PM ET  |  7PM CT  |  5PM PT

Join Clardy and the Miracle Masters
for a Light-infused LIVE Retreat--
and step into your upgraded life
as the Superbeing that you already are

YES! I'M IN! :)

The Love-a-thon LIVE! provides a magical space of love and light where you can move beyond fear and chaos, and plug-in to a transdimensional recharge. Each event concludes with a unique high-frequency meditation, which is often life-changing for participants.

Throughout the event, the high-frequencies of Source Field Activation will be seeking out and laser-dissolving the negativity that’s gotten stuck in your head (and your field), while it reprograms your foundational frequency for new realms of balance and clarity.

We'll be sharing miracle stories, revealing the latest frequency tips and tools, and giving you a direct experience of the power of living a high-frequency life. When you choose to live in the Miracle Zone, you'll experience automatic upgrades like:

  • Unexpected financial blessings

  • Relationships that nourish you and feed your soul

  • Work that rewards you with joy and abundance

  • True health and vitality--from the inside out

  • ...and so much more...

All you have to do to “feel the love” is to show up and get comfy. The chat and the phone lines will be open for all of your questions, plus Miracle Reports, love zaps, and general merry-making. 

Set your light meter on 
for this very special event...
and join with us as we build and celebrate
a powerful new paradigm for life on Planet Earth. 

YES! I'M IN! :)

To support our community,
we have reduced the price for this event (normally $197). 
Replay is included and available immediately following the event. 

Admission:  $197  $47

You are encouraged to submit an "intention" or "miracle vision" for the event to [email protected], following enrollment.

Space is limited to allow for individual questions and coaching. Reserve your seat now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Love-a-thon is designed as a 60 minute event, however we do occasionally go overtime. You're invited to stay as long as you like, and check out the replay if you need to leave early.

We encourage all participants to create an "intention" or "miracle vision" for the event, to help you focus your energy. It is not required, but Clardy reads all visions/intentions prior to the call and places energy on them. 

Just focus on something that you'd like to shift in your life and create a vision of the miraculous result that might manifest. We'll help you shift any negative energy--and get you on track to your miraculous outcome!
If you would like to submit your vision/intention, please limit your submission to one or two sentences and send to [email protected], at least 3 hours prior to the event.

This is a great tool to help you "flip" any challenging situation into your desired outcome. :)

Yes, a replay is made available immediately following each event and can be accessed 24/7 by most devices. 

Many participants like to keep the replays in their library, so they can experience the activations as often as they like. 

You are invited to participate in multiple ways, but it's completely up to you. :) You are invited to share your questions  and comments via the chat and Q&A, or raise your hand to share a miracle story or receive live coaching from Clardy. The replays of Love-a-thon events are also very popular and helpful, for adding to your library and reviewing as many times as you like. 

This particular event is offered as an integral part of our paid membership programs and some courses, as well as to the general public. 
A limited number of scholarships are available for this and other events. You may register for scholarships, discounts, and extended payment plans here: clardym.net/FinancialAid


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