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Unveil & Unleash the Authentic You


The Unveil & Unleash the Authentic You package consists of three mentoring/frequency sessions designed to create a blueprint and a solid foundation for your life, so that the Authentic You can take powerful, inspired steps quickly and efficiently toward your chosen vision. The uniquely powerful light energies of Source Field Activation are utilized throughout each session.

During the first session, your foundational block(s) will be identified and prioritized for release, your purpose will be unveiled, and the blueprint for the Authentic You will be created. The two follow-up sessions extend the process by revealing and eliminating layers of any energetic blocks, rewiring negative beliefs and habits, creating a clear, heart-based vision which encompasses every area of your life, and supercharging that vision with high-frequency energies for fast, verifiable, often miraculous results. 

Any Frequency Expansion Formulas that might help facilitate your process will be identified during the first session as possible tools to be utilized during your work with Clardy and beyond.

The package requires continuity and commitment, and is designed to be completed within 30-45 days. All sessions include targeted mentoring, biofield scans, and individual frequency transmissions. Weekly remote check-ins to monitor progress are also included.

Investment: This package (valued at $4000+) is currently available at a special discount of $2500.00. 

Highly-committed individuals may be invited to extend the package for an additional 3 sessions.

To purchase this package, click here. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


Paradigm Shift
— Unleash, Embody,
and Celebrate the New You


The Paradigm Shift mentoring program is a 6 week intensive for individuals who are committed to facilitating a significant life upgrade, as quickly as possible. If you are ready to move beyond constraints of the past, uncover and release foundational unconscious patterns and blocks, and commit to a dynamic, authentic, blueprint for moving forward NOW into the life you were born to live, you are the perfect candidate.

The process includes:

1)  An extended first “Deep Dive” session with evaluation of negative brain-based patterns, beliefs, and blocks, creation of a focused vision blueprint, and an energetic scan of the personal energy field. The scan is followed by a clearing, activation and integration utilizing Source Field Activation. (Value: $1500)

2)  4 Weekly follow-up sessions. Includes on-going work with blocks and patterns, updates to vision blueprint, and energy scans and clearing utilizing Source Field Activation. (Value: $1000 each)

3)  Final extended “Deep Dive” session includes an evaluation of progress with brain-based patterns, beliefs, and blocks, update of vision blueprint(s), and an energetic scan of the personal energy field. The scan is followed by a clearing, activation and integration utilizing Source Field Activation. (Value: $1500)

4)  Weekly remote check-ins and upgrades (Value: $1500)

5)  Access to all Miracle Zone Activations, Hanging Out in the LIght, and/or Love-a-thon online events that are held during the program. (Value: $97+)

6)  Two specific Miracle Zone Activation replays, targeted to individual issues. (Value: $194)

7)   VIP coaching status in the “Supercharge Your Frequency” private Facebook group.

8) Discount and guaranteed spot in any Frequency Reboot Healing Sessions held during your program.

(Total Value: $8800+)

Your Investment: $6500

To purchase package, click here.
For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Miracle Makeover —
 Deep Dive into the Miracle of You

The Miracle Makeover Mentoring Program is a 3 month, 12 week “in the trenches and in the field” intensive that includes brain-based behavior adaptation, personal energy assessment and alignment, and on-going remote energetic check-ins and upgrades utilizing Source Field Activation. Mentoring can cover a chosen focus or multiple areas:  business, career, finances, relationships, health and fitness, etc.

The extended first session includes an evaluation of brain-based patterns and unconscious blocks, energetic scan and clearing, and creation of a supercharged laser-focused vision and mantra. The vision/mantra is utilized as the initial focus for the program and can be updated in subsequent sessions. The initial session is followed by weekly check-ins, bi-weekly follow-up/expansion sessions, and an extended final evaluation, scan and clearing. The program also includes optional free access to the private Miracle Masters group, any available live Miracle Zone Activation healing calls and/or Love-a-Thon Retreat calls, and discounts on Frequency Upgrade drops, online courses, and live events.

Investment: $12,000

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] .


Initial Behavioral Evaluation and Energy Clearing: ($1500) 90 min.
This offering is recommended as the initial interaction with Clardy's work. The first part of the session is dedicated to the identification of limiting behavior patterns and blocks, as well as the development of an energetically-charged vision for future success and personal expansion. Following the behavioral portion of the appointment, an initial energy blueprint scan and clearing are performed. We highly suggest that an additional rest/reintegration period of at least 60 minutes be set aside following the session. Please email [email protected] for more information. Schedule your Initial Evaluation and Energy Clearing appointment here.

Initial Energy Consultation and Clearing: ($1000)  50-60 min.
This session provides time for an initial consultation, energetic blueprint scan, energy transmission, and reintegration. Please allow at least one hour following your session for rest and additional integration of energies. If you are ready to schedule this Initial Energy Consultation and Clearing Session, please click here for availability.

Initial Coaching/Mentoring Evaluation: ($750) 50-60 min.
The initial coaching session is dedicated to the identification of limiting behavior patterns and blocks, as well as the development of a vision for future success. The investment for the session, which lasts 50 minutes, is $750. This session is a prerequisite for all coaching and mentoring packages. All sessions are done by Zoom at this time. Please email [email protected]  for more information.
You may schedule your Initial Coaching/Mentoring evaluation session here.

Clardy Malugen, MFA, MA is a gifted behavioral coach and consciousness mentor who leads individuals to identify and release unconscious behavior patterns and blocks that are stopping them from experiencing true joy and success. She offers private coaching and mentoring packages on a very limited basis to highly motivated individuals who are seeking to make significant life changes.  

Ms. Malugen, also a uniquely-gifted medical intuitive and a master of transdimensional energy frequencies, is internationally-recognized for the instantaneous release of physical and emotional blocks, patterns, and trauma. Although she makes no promises regarding specific results, the majority of her clients experience powerful spontaneous energy shifts that can be dramatically life-changing. 

As with most gifted individuals who work with energy to facilitate change, Clardy's energy modality, Source Field Activation, is unique to her. She was a highly intuitive child who naturally began exploring her gifts and abilities from a very early age.  As an empath with a unique sensitivity to personal energy fields, Clardy is able to assist individuals with releasing blocks that may be at the root of stress, distress, or physical health issues.  Although not a doctor or medical practitioner of any kind, Clardy believes in the original definition of healing: "to make whole". Her work with transdimensional energy transmission, often termed “magical” and “indescribable” by her clients, assists people to let go of energetic blocks that are stopping their own energy flow, thereby clearing the way for powerful self-healing.


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