Join Clardy Malugen,
for a training and activation that 
can change your life forever.

In just three hours, you'll learn to:

  • Release the blocks that have kept you stuck all of your life.

  • Break through the cycle of negative thoughts.

  • Identify your true desires and a create your blueprint for the New Paradigm.

  • Supercharge your life with high-frequency activations.

  • Step fully into the miraculous life that you were born to live.

The Frequency Formula

During the first hour of this powerful LIVE online workshop and activation, you’ll experience an “Initiation” into the Miracle Zone, as you explore the secrets and the power of the Frequency Formula consciousness expansion system.

You’ll learn:
  • How to shift and activate your Foundational Frequency to create a quantum shift in your life—instantly.
  • Why you MUST choose to shift from low frequency chaos and upsets into the high-frequency light of the “zone”. And yes, this is a choice you make in every moment.
  • How to unwire the unconscious patterns that keep you creating the same situation over and over.
  • Why choosing just ONE miracle and focusing on a high-frequency “Miracle Mantra” can change everything.
  • Why releasing literally ANYTHING from your life that is blocking your light can create a “Miracle Vacuum” that will instantly attract your chosen miracle.

Q&A With Clardy

Following your immersion into the secrets of the Frequency Formula,
you'll have the opportunity to learn from questions
that will clarify the powerful ways that you can benefit. 

Manifest Your Deepest Desires

After a short break, we'll delve into
the Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization--and get you started
on choosing and creating your own Miracle Mantra.

If you’ve been suspecting that  manifestation doesn't work for you or you've been manifesting the opposite of what you intend, we've got you covered.

During this high-frequency presentation, Clardy will lead you through each of the Seven Secrets and shows you how you can reap huge benefits by creating supercharged Miracle Visions and Miracle Mantras that will manifest quickly—and effortlessly.

You'll receive a copy of the "Seven Secrets" and get started on your own Miracle Mantra.

Prior to the Miracle Zone Activation, we'll take a break to focus on your specific intention for the activation and make sure you are well-hydrated.

Miracle Zone Activation

After Step Three, you'll be all set for your trip to the Miracle Zone!
You'll be invited to release anything that has been stopping you,
and confidently step into your Miraculous New Life. 

During this powerful meditation and activation, Clardy will lead you into the highest frequencies of Source, invite you to participate in a group healing of limiting blocks, patterns, and physical issues, and ultimately anchor you in the New Paradigm and Your Miraculous New Life.

These powerful group healing activations can help you:

  • Feel lighter and experience a new level of clarity and freedom
  • Enhance your feelings of joy and success
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Release blocks stemming from childhood traumas
  • Rewire unconscious behaviors
  • Eliminate the sources of energy drain
  • Free trapped energy
  • Release blocks that may be at the root of health issues


***Source Field Activation energies will be activated and utilized during the entire program. Please make sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable location and that you stay hydrated. Absolutely no driving or use of heavy machinery is allowed during this powerful process. There will be a short break prior to the direct transmission of energies in the Activation. Most people choose to rest following this type of program and we suggest that you arrange your schedule so that you can do so.

This powerful training is regularly priced at $397,
but through August 31, 2020, 
we are offering a special rate of


or two easy payments of $97. 


Valued at $77


As part of your event package, you'll also receive this powerful collection of TEN tried-and-true high-frequency Miracle Mantras & Affirmations.  Choose one that resonates with you—or use the inspiration to create your own. 
You'll get immediate access to the collection when you purchase the training.